Volvo And Aurora Partner Unite to Launch Robot Big Rigs Together

Volvo has come up with company Aurora for creating the high-level four trucks that can help in operating the service running from one hub to the other in the commercial highways of North America.

In the recent buzz around the world business, we hear that the top truck maker Volvo is seen as relying on a self-driving startup company Aurora as it announces its tie-up with the company. The joint venture is meant to commercialize the autonomous semis that are seen handling the highway driving without much human effort over the wheel amidst the flurry of any trucking industry alliances. The Sweden based company – Volvo has come up with its autonomous solution to tap the Silicon based company called Aurora like its technology partner for creating the high-level four trucks that can help in operating the service running from one hub to the other in the commercial highways of North America.

Volvo Aurora Partnership
Image: Wikimedia

Now, we see the companies not disclosing the financial details about the two as they are yet to come out with the commercial units on the roads. There seems to be a partnership that has come out in support of a goal transport for the service of any vital step closer and will boost up the hub to hub applications found in the US claims the CEO of Volvo Mr. Nils Jager. He was seen with the integrated self driving stack along with the software and hardware along with the data services based platform that is ready to clear the right path found in between the routes to make it safe and efficient. The reason is Aurora’s integrated self-driving stack, along with high-end software and hardware stuff backed with data services platform that are clubbed to offer a very clean and effective path found toward efficient and safer kinds of on-highway solutions given in the right term.

With the growing demand for having effective trucking services all over the United States, one can find a tight supply of human drivers found in the operating environment that are simpler and quick to master as per the urban environment, the companies are now coming up with robotic trucking systems that remain attractive to autonomous tech companies. Earlier, the startup Aurora announced its tech alliance with companies like Paccar, who has joined Alphabet’s Waymo and startup TuSimple that came up like a partnership with truck-building giants. Soon we saw the joint ventures of companies like Daimler and Waymo in October 2020 and this new alliance have brought up the Freightliner-brand trucks, while staying at San Diego as they tend to work with Navistar along with the heavy-duty brands including Traton Group of Volkswagen.

Aurora has now quickly added up the push for this partnership ever since they have got the self-driving technology unit since the company has gained Uber’s self-driving tech unit in December 2020 with their all-stock transaction. Uber was quick to put 400 USD in Aurora at the time of the deal and it has boosted up the profit share for others as well by raising the revenue to 1 billion USD. The company is led by Chris Urmson who is an ex-employee of Google at its Self-driving project. He along with the founders Sterling Anderson have shaped things for the new venture.