Top Tech Giants of the world Face Tough Time from Data Watchdog Agencies

Tech Giants complain that their high profile & classified data seemed to be compromised by the data watchdog who are implementing the General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) claims in the region’s data privacy rules. 

The European Union was seen with its landmarks; privacy rules were seen coming up with the success as it came the first time in 2018. However, some of these are seen believing the fact that too much of weightage over the current individual groups who are seen coming up with the sluggish activity that are backed with bureaucracy. We saw the Chinese app – Tik Tok coming under the scanner by the Data Protection Commission of Ireland that comes like a hefty workload coming from the Irish regulator. With a number of top technology companies like Google, Twitter and Facebook are seen keeping their holding at the stake, we see their data to be big things. They now complain that their high profile and classified data seemed to be compromised by the data watchdog who are seen implementing the GDPR claims in the region’s data privacy rules.

The regulations that are seen coming up with big penalization is coming up with a huge piece of data protection law found in History. However, the elevated status of the Data Protection Commission has come into effect when the raised questions are seen around like a well resourced place to handle a vital and large workload. The annual report of Data Protection Commission for the year 2020 has been outlawed when more than 10k cases in the total are seen getting handled this year with an increase of 90 percent. At the same time, the authority was seen coming in the midst of the high profile legal cases as found with Facebook along with the data transfers seen in the US. In December, more than two and half years after the GDPR are seen coming into the effect that are seen coming with the financial penalty that are seen against the top US based technology company while Twitter was seen fined with 450K euros.

The total amount of investigation along with the sum of money are seen drawing the criticism coming from Max Schrems along with the data protection lawyers. Noyb is among the top companies that are found in the country as Data Protection Commission turned hostile in giving the best of the services in securing the data, claimed Romain Robert, the senior employee of the same company. He claimed that the tech giants are seen getting dejected by the GDPR’s role by the top data protection authorities found in Europe. The tech companies claimed that Data Protection Commission is not giving away the expected services that have dejected them all.

As per Graham Doyle one can see the deputy commissioner based at the Data Protection Commission came out with an investigation talking about the cross broder probes being taken with the top big firms seen coming at the point of time. He claimed that he has been talking about this a lot but nothing really has worked out in their favor. One can find their focus to be on pace as far as the investigations are concerned along with the belief they have.  With classified data to be secured, the top tech companies are investing bomb on it. As per reports, the Data Protection Commission got 19.1 million euros from the Irish government and still they are not acting seems surprising.