What’s on my desk Daniel Rubino

Although I try to keep my work desk clean, I have so many products coming and going it’s hard to keep away the clutter. But when that desk is cleaned, these are my core essentials that I’m currently using every day.

Some items are obvious, like a PC, but others not so much, like my winter therapy lamp, or even a tiny space heater to keep warm. Hopefully, you’ll find something you like too and get some ideas for your home desk!

Killer PC

Surface Studio 2

In my review I said that the Surface Studio 2 was not a practical PC for most people due to the cost. However, that does not mean it’s not awesome. On the contrary, it’s the total Windows 10 experience money can buy right now in arguably the most minimalist, future-looking package. Besides work, I occasionally take a break to play some Destiny 2, which the NVIDIA GTX 1070 handles just fine. The display is perfect, the Windows Hello camera is excellent, and performance with the fast SSD and 32GB of RAM is right in my comfort zone. It’s not cheap, but I’ll be hard-pressed to give it up anytime soon.

Starting at $3,499 at Microsoft

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