Stop constantly buying new AA batteries — go rechargeable!

Whether it’s a kid’s new toy, your Xbox One controller or even just the TV remote, you always need batteries. If you’re a parent, you always need a small mountain of batteries. As we enter the hectic post-holiday period and more battery-powered gifts are getting released from their containers, your stockpile of AA’s is due to take a hit. Instead of chucking drained batteries in the trash, consider a switch to rechargeable batteries. In the long run, you’ll end up spending a lot less, and the added bonus of taking the dead ones and bringing them back to life means you’ll never be caught without.


Well respected

Panasonic Eneloop

One of the best known and most respected brands in rechargeable batteries, Eneloop from Panasonic has a lot to offer. Panasonic claims a 2,100-charge cycle lifespan with a 70 percent charge retention and up to 10 years of use. There’s also the Eneloop Pro range, which cost a little more but is designed for high-drain devices. These have a 2,500mAh capacity and while their lifespan is less at 500 charge cycles, your powerful hardware will be better with them.

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