See how our 2018 Microsoft predictions held up

We’re preparing to enter 2019, and as with every new year, many of our tech-pectations will come to fruition while others fizzle out.

As many of my colleagues and others do this time of year, I too will turn my pen toward the future and scribe what I see in the world of tech for 2019. Before I look forward, however, I will briefly look back at what Jason 2017” saw for 2018 and review what I got correct.

Ambient computing and security concerns rising

Last December I predicted:

As we approach a 2019 5G rollout, and more ambient computing devices come online in 2018, I believe a critical mass will be reached that will force greater attention, and more regulations to address the inherent vulnerabilities of ambient computing in 2018.

In November 2017 I also wrote ambient computing puts us at greater risk to hackers. I addressed the various “access points” hackers have into our lives via smartphones, smart cars, Wi-Fi connected smart homes and smart speakers.

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