How to set up your Oculus Rift

Setting up the Oculus Rift seems like it might be a pain, but it’s actually fairly simple and takes a short amount of time to do. The longest part of the process is when it’s time to get everything synced up and even then there isn’t much work that needs to be done from your end.

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Getting your sensors ready

This part of the set up takes very little work from you. The on-screen instructions you’ll follow at the end of this process will take the longest, but only because the Oculus App needs to download drivers, sync up to your computer, and store the data of all of your personal settings.

  1. Plug in all of your Oculus Rift Sensors to the USB 2.0+ ports of your computer.
  2. Set your sensors in opposite corners of your room. Ensure there are three by three feet of space in between the sensors.

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