How to make gaming headsets more comfortable if you wear glasses

Using headsets while wearing a pair of eyeglasses can be quite uncomfortable, as you may find that the sides of the headset press the rims of your glasses into your face. However, there are some things that you can do in order to improve the experience and ensure that the amount of discomfort you feel is minimal.

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Choosing a headset

Before getting started, it’s important to pick out a good headset in the first place. For maximum eyeglass compatibility, there are three main things to look for: adjustability, a large earcup size, and comfortable, snug padding.

Due to the fact it satisfies all of the above requirements, as well as that it’s simply a fantastic headset overall, we strongly recommend the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas. However, it’s worth noting that the tips in this guide can be applied to any adjustable headset, so don’t feel like the Elite Atlas is your only option.

Loosen your headset

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