Google’s Artificial Intelligence (AIY) Kits Could Change The Technology

The “Technology of the Future” keeps always changing. Never forget when Google Glass was the future and venture entrepreneurs launched massive capital dedicated to financial Glass app developers? when chatbots were the point of attraction and almost every software company globally consumed money and time developing Facebook Messenger bots? Yes, most “technologies of the future” become a bit more compared to crazy trends that fade almost as fast as they emerged. at this point around, even so, things feel as the might be a little different when talking about the innovative “technology of the future .”? Mainly because artificial intelligence is indeed technological of the future.

Tech companies large and small have hopped on the AI bandwagon, however this time for a good reason. AI and machine learning are important to technologies of the near future, potentially offering computers capabilities that we can’t even imagine at this time. And Google has uncovered a new role to play by equipping developing engineers with the resources and tools they need to know about AI and develop unique AI remedies. , this isn’t the begin of the robot uprising. It’s the start of a new “AIY” move at Google that will offer extensive do-it-yourself (DIY) kits for folks — mostly students — who wish to experiment with and discover more about various AI solutions.

Google just unveiled two new “AIY” (Artificial Intelligence yourself ) kits that develop upon the ideas the company established with the first-generation kits. This moment around, however, the completely new kits ship with everything a student really should build AI applications, including a Raspberry Pi Zero WH board.

“We’re taking the first of many steps to help educators integrate AIY into STEM lesson plans and help prepare students for the challenges of the future by launching a new version of our AIY kits,” Billy Rutledge, Director of AIY Projects at Google, wrote in a blog post. “The Voice Kit lets you build a voice-controlled speaker, while the Vision Kit allows you to build a camera that learns to identify people and objects. The new kits make getting started a bit easier with clearer instructions, a new app and all the parts in one box .”

He continued, “To make setup easier, both kits have been redesigned to work with the new Raspberry Pi Zero WH, which comes included in the box, along with the USB connector cable and pre-provisioned SD card. Now users no longer need to download the software image and can get running faster. The updated AIY Vision Kit v1 .1 also includes the Raspberry Pi Camera v2 .”


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