Does the Epic Games Store send data to the Chinese Government?

A recent rumor on social media suggested that Epic Games’ store might be sending your data over to the Chinese government, owing to shareholder TenCent’s involvement with Epic. Is there any truth to the rumor, though?

A thread on reddit rose to the front page recently, decrying Ubisoft for its always-online UPlay PC system, but also the new Epic Games Store.

Epic Games, known for the Unreal Engine and runaway shooter success story Fortnite, recently launched a digital store front to compete with Steam. Core gamers have been plenty sceptical since its launch, owing to continuing fragmentation of digital store fronts on PC, and Epic Games’ willingness to pay to block games from appearing on other PC platforms.

The scepticism reached fever pitch in that reddit thread with almost 30,000 upvotes, citing Epic Games’ Terms of Service, which seemed to state that any data you generate on the service can be used by Epic however they see fit. The poster extrapolated that it might include the sharing of information with Epic Games’ investors, including Tencent.

via windowscentral

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