Best stands for your WMR headset

As much as we would all like to be in virtual reality all the time, that’s not exactly possible. So, when we’re in the mundane world, we need a place to put our headset to keep it out of the way and safe. A good headset stand like the Skywin VR stand will keep your desk tidy and your Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headset safe and sound while you wait to step back into the future (or the past, depending on what you’re playing).

Our pick

Skywin VR Stand

The Skywin is a standard stand for any WMR headset. The weighted base makes it very sturdy when sitting on your desk and the coil on the back makes keeping your cables tidy incredibly easy. A lot of stands forget that cables exist, but the Skywin holds everything you need.

$26 at Amazon

Beautifully engineered

VRGE Virtual Reality Docking System

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